our Mission statement

The mission of San Francisco Adventist School is to provide a learning environment that fosters a growing Christian experience in each child, and also nurtures and encourages optimum cognitive, physical, social, emotional, spiritual, and creative development in each child, that will result in increased personal self-esteem needed for a life driven by purpose.

The San Francisco Adventist School family exists to show children Jesus, nurture their love for Him and others, teach them to think, and empower them to serve.

Our commitment is to provide an atmosphere where each student may be drawn into a personal relationship with a loving God and Savior by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Our goal is to teach each student how to study the Bible, the foundation of all truth, and how to apply its principles to daily living, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. As a result of developing and maintaining a relationship with his/her God and Savior, each student will pursue balanced excellence in the mental, physical, social, and spiritual aspects of their lives.